socket5 协议

socket5 协议 of likeminded people for unusual adventures in nature. We travel off the beaten track in non-touristic areas.

You will be welcomed by our passionate local guides. They live with nature and just love to be out there.


Meet wild animals

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Sleep & eat

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We love camp fire evenings… and food. Nothing beats Amy’s wraps with organically grown vegetables and wild boar sausage, flushed down with a Ferna craft beer or a wild picked berry juice.

Marcus Eldh, founder & owner of WildSweden. Photo: Marcus Westberg
We stand up for Sweden’s nature and wildlife - since 2003. Our tours provide income for local guides, hotels and restaurants. And when nature provides income for local people, it is more likely preserved for the future. Thank you for helping us!
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“Fun tours with super enthusiastic good nature guides”

“A wonderful opportunity to view Swedish wildlife at its best”

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More Winter tours for 2023/2021 will be posted before the end of February 2023.



With these one-off adventures we would like to experiment and try new things, and you are welcome to join!

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This map shows the various starting points for our tours.

To find out where your tour begins please read the detailed information for each tour.

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